The Mini-Z is a miniature skid steer with zero-turn rotation.  The Mini accepts small attachments such as a bucket, brush rake, and 40" grapple.


29 Horse Command Pro Kohler Gas Engine  747cc
1,800 lbs without attachments
12 volt electrical system
8.5 gpm standard flow, 17 gpm High-flow
50" Wheel base
Height: 57"
Length: 77"
Width: 52"
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Tractor Skidding Grapples

The heavy duty by-pass RTG series tractor grapple features side to side, front to back swivel, with a spring loaded 270º rotation which allows grapple to return to position.
alt   RTG-48
   Category 1, RTG-48, has a maximum working pressure of 3500 psi and 8,500 lbs of clamping force.  
   The boom extends 42" beyond the 3 pt-hitch arms. 
   Opening: 48"
   Closure:  2"
   Weight:  400 lbs
   Rated for: up to 50 HP
   List for $3,500
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alt    RTG-60

       Category 2, RTG-60, has a maximum working pressure of 3500 psi and 14,000 lbs. of clamping force.  
       The boom extends 55" beyond the 3 pt-hitch arms.
       Opening: 60"
       Closure: 2" 
       Weight:  650 lbs
       Rated for: 50 to 100 HP
        Lists for $5,500
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                                                                      Bio Chip 20

The Ryan's Bio Chip 20, whole tree chipper, is compact, well balanced, and affordable.  It also still contains all of the components used by higher end chippers.  The Bio Chip 20 aggressively feeds brushy tops and limbs as well as large diameter logs.


Chipping Capacity 20"
Length 19' 6"
Width 7' 4"
Height 7' 8"
Weight on Hitch 3,600 lbs
Weight on Axles 14,400 lbs
Weight 18,000 lbs
Engine Cummins
Horsepower 260 - 400
Fuel Tank 85 Gallon
Hydraulic Tank 60 Gallon
Axle (2) 10,000 lb Torsion
Tires (4) 235/75 x 17.5"
Hitch 3" Pintle
Drum 33-1/2" Dia. x 33" Wide
Perimeter Opening 34" High x 70" Wide
Throat Opening 22" High x 34" Wide


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Wood Splitter  "The Kraken"

     The solution to handle large pieces of timber.  The Kraken will bust apart logs and stumps that would
     otherwise be left for waste into manageable sizes for wood grinders, chippers or fire wood processors.
     An ideal attachment for excavators, loaders, chippers and skid steers.
     Rotator rated @ 10,000 lbs with 360º rotation
     Cylinder: 5 x 24" with 3" rod
     Hardened steel bushings and chrome pins
     Heavy duty construction
     Can be inverted
     Weight: 1,500 lbs with boom
                      800 lbs head only
     Height:  51 1/4" to top of grapple
     Opening:  40 5/8" tip to tip
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Chipper Drum Replacements


  FTC 8 Knife Chipper Drum

    Increase your tons per load, produce a quality chip and reduce down time.  This drum design will
    last longer and with its heavy duty knife system decrease the amount of time spent between
    changing knives.
    8 staggered pockets with bolts that will double the clamping load
    Replaceable knife holders
    Babbit style chipper knives, counter knives and knife clamps
 This design protects the wearable parts reducing your cost.
36" dia. 8 knife drum
3/4 AR400 construction outer skin
5 3/4" dia 4150 drum shaft
Knife bolts (5) 7/8-14
Knife holder bolts (9) 7/8-9 12-pt
(2) B-Loc Bushings
(8) 4140 weld in knife holder                                      
(8) 4140 heat treated bolt in knife holder
(8) Adjustable counter knife                                                    
(8) Adjustable knife 5/8" thick
(8) 3/4 AR400 knife clamp
Other sizes available:  6 knife, 8 knife and 10 knife
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