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NEW DS-20, DS28 & DS-28C

The DS series is now available in 3 models.  The DS-20 for the larger skid steers and 10-16 ton excavators has a 28" bar with a single cutting capacity of 20", 34cc bent axis motor and GR16 Baltrotor rotator weighing 1400 lbs.

The DS-28 and the DS-28C is for the 14-25 ton excavators has a 37" bar with a single cutting capacity of 30" and 40cc bent axis motor.  The DS-28 comes wtih a Rotobec 252 rotator and weighs 2400 lbs.  The DS-28C has a Rotobec R6500 CONTINUOUS ROTATION weighing 2800 lbs.

For more information click here (DS pdf)




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